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Ethnic Watches - Finding Our True Selves

We were born because we have a sensational story to tell the world. A story full of life, colours, traditions, values, passion…of our cultural roots and our origins. A story of what we were and wistfully forgot, of all those ageless dreams and desires…All these together shape who we really are and are part of our “True Self”. Feelings and sensations which remain in our inner souls and which we only have to find.
We live absorbed by our routine, our obligations, obliterating our essence and true emotions, keeping on our tragic mask of “normality”.  But we all have our own roots, an origin that no-one can take away from us and that defines us from the depths of our being.
This is what we are, an explosion of emotions that will bring out the most authentic and solidary part of ourselves. Find Your True self and contribute to bring hope to our World


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